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職業英語 茶樓篇- ビジネス英会話 レストラン編 


Just imagine this is a restaurant....


C:Table for two. (2人用の席を)

A: Do you have a reservation, sir? (予約してるの?)

C: No. (してないよ)

A: I'm sorry. We're full now. Would you mind waiting for a while, sir?

C: For how long?

A: Just a while, sir.

C: May I show you your table?

A: This is your table.

注文の時 ①
A: Good morning. Would you like to order now?

C: Can we have the menu please?

A:Sure, here you are.

C: What would you recommend?

A: Well, I'd recommend all our dishes, but our special dishes for today are...
  Our special dishes for today are shark's fin soup, chicken in honey and ginger sauce

  and lobster in black bean sauce. And our chef's recommendations are

  deep fried eel,  snake soup and....

C: What's this, captain?

A: Yes, sir. What's the problem, sir?

C: I'm sorry. There must have been some mistakes, sir. I'll change it for you right away.

C: Captain.

S: Yes, ma'am. Oh, I'm terribly sorry. I'll heat it up for you at once.

C: Captain.

S: Please accept our apologies. I assure you this won't happen again.

     I'm so sorry, sir.

C: Oh! My jacket!

S: I'm sorry. It's my fault.

C: Can't you see here you're going?

S:I'm sorry, sir. Let me get you a towel to dry it. I'm really really sorry.

C: It's OK. Just change the tablecloth.

S: Yes, ma'am.

C: Oh not! Not again.

S: I'm terribly sorry. I hope you're not hurt. Please forgive me.

C:It's you again.

S: I'm so sorry. I'm truly sorry about this.

C: Try to be more careful. all right?

S: Yes, I will. I will be very careful next time.

S: I'm sorry about that. I'm really sorry.

『2度あることは3度ある・・・。 てか、内容が読めすぎて逆にオモロイな。皆さんも気をつけましょうね(当然嘘)。』

S:How did you enjoy your meal?

C: It was very good. Can I have the bill please?

S: Right away, sir.

S: Here is the bill.

C: Are you sure it's the right bill for our table? It's more than we've ordered.

S: This is the right bill, sir. There's 10% service charge included.

C: Can I pay by credit card?

S: Certainly. Would you mind signing your name here please?

S: I'm sorry, sir. We don't accept this card. Do you have any other cards?

C: Sure.

S: Sorry, sir. The system is down for the time being. Would you mind paying cash?

C: No, it's OK.

S: Thank you.

C: Keep the change.

S: Thank you, sir.

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