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職業英語 的士 ビジネス英会話 タクシー編 



C: I don't know the name of the place I want to go to.

   But can I show you where I want to go?

D: Okay, no problem.

C: All right, great. I think I want to go straight ahead here. Can you get onto the fly-over?
  (素晴らしいわ。 ここをまっすぐだと思う。 高速道路に乗って貰える?)

C: Can you go straight through the roundabout?

C: Go left.

C: Can you go into the right hand lane?And go onto the right.

C: Can you just stop?


C: Driver, can I go to the Flower Market, please?

D: Yes, of course. I'll take you to the Flower Market.

C: Thank you very much.

C:What other places can I go to in Mongkok?

D: Ladies Market; you can buy the clothes, anything. because there is very cheap.

C: What other things can I see in Mongkok?

D: And the Bird Market ( Garden), you know?

C: Oh, really? They have lots of birds there?

D: This is the restricted area, you know?

C: Restricted? restricted area.

  I'm sorry. This is a restricted zone. It's a no stopping area.

D: Can I drop you off further on?
    Can I let you out over there?

C: I need to go to Whampoa Garden, Block 5. It's called Juniper Mansions.

     Do you know that one?

D: I'll take you to Whampoa. Would you please direct me?

C: I can't direct you, I'm sorry. I don't know where it is.

D: I'm sorry. I7ll take you to Whampoa.

C: Alright.

C: I'm sorry. I don't know the location. Could you please direct me?

D: Good morning. How are you? Where do you want to go?

C: I would like to go to Ladder Street, please.
D: Yes, in the Hong Kong side?

C: That's right. Hong Kong side.

C: Can you tell me some things about Hong Kong?

D: Oh yes. Hong Kong includes three parts. One is the Hong Kong island...

Where do you wanna go?よりWhere would you like to go?を使うのがベター


D: If people go from Kowloon side to Hong Kong side,

      usually it is ten dollars to cross the harbor tunnel.

     But the passenger must pay double.

C: The only thing I can suggest is to, maybe,

      make some of your explanations a little bit simpler.


C: Can I go to the Museum of Tea Ware please?

D: Yes, but I'm not quite sure where it is. I can ask the center.
    Can you give me the address?

C: I don't know where it is. I think it's on the Hong Kong side.

D: Hong Kong island.

D: Yes, it's in the Hong Kong park.

D: Only twenty-six dollars twenty cents.

C: I only have a five hundred dollar note.

D: This is too much! Five hundred dollar note...

N: I'm sorry. I don't have enough money for change.

   Do you have small change?


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