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職業英語 接電話 - ビジネス英会話 電話編 



A: Good morning, JK Enterprise. Can I help you?

B: Hello. Is Mr.Mayo there please?

A: One moment, please.

N: Can I hep you?とMay I help you?は ほぼ同義。

   One moment, please.と Just a minute, please.はほぼ同義

       Please hold.

A: I'm sorry, he is not here right now. Can I take a message?

B: Yes, my name is Peter Booth, that's BOOTH, and my number is 25251234.

N:Can I take a message? (メッセージを頂けますか?)
 Could you please repeat your name? (名前をもう一度お願いします。)

A: I'm sorry Mr. Booth. Could you please repeat your number?

B: 25251234.

A: Let me repeat, 25251234

B: Right. Thank you.

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忙しい時 1

A Good morning, JF Enterprises.Can I help you?

B: Hello! Is Mr. Chow there please?

A: I'm sorry. His line is busy.
    Would you like to leave a message?

B: Yes, my name is John Terry and my number is.....

忙しい時 2 ~テリーの2度目の挑戦~

B: Hello. This is John Terry. Is Mr. Chow there?

A:I'm sorry, Mr. Terry. He's not at his desk right now.

   I'll get him to call you when he returns.

忙しい時 3 ~テリー3度目の挑戦~

B:Hi! This is John Terry.

A: Ah yes, Mr. Terry. Oh, I'm sorry. Mr. Chow is in a meeting.
B: I really need to talk to him!

A: I'll make sure he gets your message.

N: His line is busy. やHe's not at his desk right now.や Mr.Chow is a meeting
なんて適当に言って、テリーのようなしつこい電話は断るんですよ。I'll make sure he gets your message.なんて言っとけば、相手は納得しますから。(嘘)

忙しい時4 ~テリー4度目の挑戦~

B: Do you know when she will be back?

A: I'm sorry, Mr.Terry. I DON'T KNOW!

N: きっぱり言うときには、I don't know. ちょっと躊躇してる時には、I'm not sure.

~ テリー5度目の挑戦~ テリー考える。

A:I'm sorry. I'm not sure.

B: Could you put me through to her secretary?


N: きっぱり言うときは、WAIT!!


  Could you wait a minute?

  Could you hold the line, please?

Just a minute, please.や please hold.でもOK

~テリー5度目の挑戦続き~ テリーどうなる?

A: Could you wait a minute, please?

B: Certainly.

A: I'm sorry, she is busy.

N: She is busy は She is not available at the moment.とも言い換えれます。


A: I'm sorry. She is not available at the moment.

  Shall I tell her you called?

B: Yes, please.

N: You get a はげ!こうやってガンガン断りましょうね。byebye~



B: Hello. Is Miss Chow there please?

A: I'm sorry. She is not back yet.

N: She is not back yet は She is not in yet.とも言い換えられます。

A:I'm sorry. She is not in yet. Do you like to leave a message?

N: Do you like to~ とWould you like to~は同義。Would you like to ~の方がより丁寧な表現。

A: Would you like to leave a message?

B:Yes, this is Peter Booth of Lucky Company.

   I just need to know if she received my package.

A: OK, Mr. Booth. I'll tell the message to Miss Chow.

N:  《tell the message to someone》は

     《give someone the message. give the message to someone》と同義

A:OK, Mr. Booth. I'll give the message to Miss Chow. Bye.



受付編 偽名を使ってテリー来社するも・・・。

A: Good morning. How can I help you?

B:Hi! I have an appointment with Mr. Wong.

A: What time is your appointment for?

B: 10AM

A:And can I have your name, please?

B: Bill Walker.

A:Mr. Walker, please take a seat.

A: Mr. Walker, let me just double check your appointment time.

B:10am. Is there problem?

A:I'm afraid that your name is not in the appointment book for today.

   Let me check the other dates. Oh, your name is on the 5th.

B:But isn't today the 5th?

A:I'm sorry, Mr Walker, but today is the 4th.
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