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職業英語 時装店-- ビジネス英会話 ブティック編 



A: I'm Mr.Help. Can I help you?

B: Yes, you can.

B: Good morning. Can I help you?

C: No, not at the moment. I'm just looking.

B: Take your time. Let me know if you need any help.

C: OK, thanks. I will.

A: Take your time. Let me know if you need any help.

C: Excuse me. I'm looking for a skirt.

B: This skirt is the latest look. It's very slim-looking.

B: Would you like to try it on?

C: No. That's OK. I'll take it.

B: Takeはbuyって意味だよばっきょろー。

C: I love pink.

S: We have all kinds of pastel colors.

C: This jacket looks nice.

S: Would you like to try it on?


S: The jacket looks perfect on you.

C: Thank you. Where's it from?

S: It's made in Italy.

C: I like this too. Where's it from?

S: It's made in Germany.

C: Excuse me. That one is even nicer. Where's it from?

A: It's made in Hong Kong. It's our uniform.

A: May I help you?

C: This sweater feels very soft. Is this 100% cotton or wool?

A: Let me see. Yes. It's 100% wool.

C: This one looks good. What kind of material is this?

B: This is chenille.(シェニール、毛虫糸)

C: Oh! Chenille. How about this one?

B: Fleece(フリース)

C: Are you all right?

B: He's OK. This is fleece.

A: How is it? The sleeves are too short. Would you like to try a bigger size?

C: The sleeves are too long.

A: No, this looks great on you. We only need to shorten the sleeves a little bit... like this.

A: Does that look better now?

C: Yes.

A: Would you like to try this on?

C: These pants are too long.

A: No problem. I can shorten them for you, too.

C: Hold it! Hold it! I want somebody else to do this.

Excuse me. Can you alter these for me?

B: Sure, it'll take a day to do the alteration.

    They'll be ready tomorrow.

A: Please bring along your receipt. Have a nice day.

B: These stitches have come off.

S: Sorry about this. I'll get you another one.

S: I'm sorry. This is the last one we have.

     I'll give you another 10% off on this one.

S: Sorry, we don't have it in this color,

    but we have it in pink, purple and white.

C: Excuse me. I'd like to return this. Can I get a refund?

B: I'm sorry. We don't give refunds, but we'll exchange it for you.


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