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職業英語 バー ビジネス英会話 

ビジネス英会話 バー編。

S: Good evening. Would you like a table or would you like to sit at the bar?

C: We'd like a table, please.

S: This way please.

C: Thank you.

S: Can I get you a drink?

C: How does the happy hour work?

S:It runs from four to nine and all bottle beer is only twelve dollars.

C: Does that include any other drinks?

S:No, I'm afraid it's only for bottled beer.

C: We'd like to start off with a couple of beers first, please.

S: Coming right up, sir.

C: Thank you.

What would you like to drink? 

Would you like to have a draft beer?

S: Good evening. What would you like?

C: I'll have the mango margarita, please.

S: And you sir?

C: I'll have a beer.

S: Would you like a pint or half pint?

C: Half pint, please.

S: Yes, so one mango margarita and a half pint.

   Would you like some nuts?

C:Yes, peanuts would be great.

S:O.K. Just a moment.

S: What would you like, sir?

C: I'll have a scotch on the rocks, please?

S:I'll be right back.

Could I have a straight vodka, please?

How would you like it?

On the rocks or straight up?

C:Excuse me.

S:Yes, sir.

C:I'd like a whisky, please.

S: How would you like that.

C:Straight up, please.

S:Right away, sir.

What do you have on tap

What do you have on draft?

S: Would you like anything else, sir?

C:I'll have another half pint, please.

S:Right away.

C:I'll like a daiquri, please.

S:Would you like that with fruit?

C:I'm not sure. What have you got?

S:We do have pineapple, banana and strawberry.

C:I think I'll have strawberry, please.

S: just a moment, please.

When you see their drinks are nearly finished, just say " would you like another beer?"

S: Would you like another drink?

C: Yes, same again.

S: Certainly, sir.

S: Sir, the bar is closing at 1a.m.. This is the last call.

    Would you like anything else?

C: No, thanks. Could I have the bill please?

 S: Sure. I'll be right back.


S: Excuse me. We are promoting "Pine" beer this week.

   Would you like to try some?

C: No, thank you. Not today.

S: It's a really good beer. It won an award this month.

C: O.K. We'll give it a try.


If they look very young, then just ask to see their I.D. card.

because they have to be over eighteen.

Sorry, we can't sell beer to any person under eighteen.

S: Excuse me, how old are you?

C:I'm twenty. I'm nineteen.

S: Can I see your I.D. please?

C: Well, I have a charge card.

S: Unfortunately that does not show your age.

     We only accept H.K.I.D. card and passport as proof of age.

C: But my friends are waiting for me inside.

   And my friends are working inside.

S: I'm sorry. We can be prosecuted if we serve alcohol to anyone under eighteen.

   You need proof you're over eighteen before I let you in.

   You don't look the age of eighteen to me.

C: I didn't bring my I.D. card.

   I've lost my passport but I'm really twenty.

S:  I'm sorry, you don't have any I.D. to prove that.

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