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S: How may I help you?

C: We are traveling to Japan.

S: Which city do you wish to land in (arrive in)?

C:  Osaka.

S: Which city do you wish to leave from (depart from)?

C: Osaka

S: May I know your dates?

C: We're going to Japan on the seventeenth of April.

  and then.................

May I know your dates?はCan I confirm your dates?と同義。

S: Is there any particular time you would like to fly?

C: In the evening.

S: Can I double check the details before I make a booking?

C: Okey...

S: (Since) it's the high season in Hong Kong,

    the airfare is seven thousand Hong Kong dollars.

C: Do you have any  cheaper tickets?

S: Let me check.

S: Yes, there is one for two thousands eight hundreds H.K.$.

C: If I change my mind, can you refund the ticket?

S: Sorry. This ticket is non-refundable.

S: Once you have paid for the ticket, the flight details cannot be changed.

C: Flight details?

S: Flight details means if you are flying on Osaka Airlines,

    you cannot change to Sapporo Airlines.

自宅が教室 オンライン英会話

S: Good evening, madam. May I help you?

C: Yes. Can you suggest some places to visit.

   Because I'm on a business trip, and now I have two to three here in Hong Kong.

S: I see. Can I recommend a particular tour to you, madam?

C: yes, please.

S: Have you been to Lantau Island before?

C: I've heard of Lantau Island.

S: It's very famous in Hong Kong.This one is one- day tour.

  This one is a hong Kong Island tour.

C: Can you give me a budget tour?

S: Sure.

C: How much is this?

S: Adults are four hundred and thirty.

C: Is that already discounted?

   Because I need a budget tour.

S: I can give you a three percent discount.

C: Okay.

C: I'm planing to go to Beijing.

S: I see. How long will you stay in Beijing?

C: I've got four days.

S: We have a Beijing package.

   The price includes hotel and breakfast, the air ticket and transport from

    the airport  to the hotel.

C: Which hotel?

S: We have many hotels listed here.

C: So can I choose one? Is this the same price?

S: Yes, they all cost the same.

   I recommend the Sky Hotel.

C: Maybe I prefer Tinalun Dynasty.

   Is it the same price?

S: The price is two thousand two hundred thirty per person.

C: Does the price include the travel tax and the airport tax?

S: Yes, it is included.

S: Which airline would you prefer, Sky Airlines or Beijing Airlines?

C: Sorry. I don't know Beijing Airlines.I prefer Sky Airlines.

S: This airline has an excellent safety record.

S: Do you have any other requests? Special requests?

C: Oh, yes. I would like to have vegetarian food, both ways.

  For only one person.. For me but not my husband.

 S: We'll make that request from the airline.

C: I'd like to register now.

S: So, may I have your name, madam?

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