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職業英語 花店 ビジネス英会話 

Sunflower ひまわり  Tulip チューリップ tuberose月下香、オランダスイセン 

S: How may I help you today?

C: I'm looking for a special flower for my girlfriend.

C: What's this called?

S: These are tulips.

C:And, What's this?

S:These are sunflowers.

C: My girlfriend likes tuberoses. do you have any?

S:Roses? Yes, we have roses in many different colors.

  See, champangne, yellow.

C: Excuse me, I'm asking for tuberoses.

S:Two roses?

S: I'm sorry, sir. We don't have tuberoses today.

  We can get them for you next Saturday.

C: Next Saturday? Great! That's my girlfriend's birthday.

S: Good afternoon,Sir. What can I do for you today?

C: I want to give some flowers to someone special.

    How many should I give her?

S: Different numbers have different meanings.

 A single flower means love at first sight.

C: Love at first sight!

S: Two flowers means in your eyes, there's only you and your love.

C:Ah wonderful!!!

S: But if you want to tell her you think of her twenty-four hours a day,

    that she's always on your mind, then, give her twenty-four flowers,

   one for every hour of the day.

C: Thanks. You've been very helpful.Here.

S: For me?


A: What should I do?

B: What's bothering you, your Majesty?

    Is there anything I can do for you?

A: I want to show my love for my Queen with flowers.

   But what kind of flowers do I give her?

B: Rose is a symbol of love.

    Show her your love with roses.

A: Roses have prickles.

  I don't want to hurt her. Can I give her carnation?

B: Carnation? But in general, it's a symbol of love for one's mother.

  So, it's not very suitable choice.

A: What other choices do I have?

B: Violets. Violets is a sign of romance. She'll know you'll always love her.

C: Daisy, Daisy, forget me not. Daisy.

S: Excuse me, Sir. You want some daisies today?

C: Daisy? I love Daisy.

S: Let me wrap them up for you, Sir.

C: Forget me not... forget me not.

S: You want some forget-me-not as well?

C: Forget me not.. yes.. forget me not.

S: Customers are always right.

    Would you like to send a message with your flowers,Sir?

C: Daisy, forget me not.

S: Here's your flowers. That's two hundred dollars.



誕生日の時のメッセージは Happy BirthdayやMany happy returns

誰かが入院した時は、Get well soon やHave a speedy recovery

赤ちゃんが生まれたときは、Congratulations や Warmest regards to mom and baby

Wishing you joy and happiness  in your new life together

誰か死んだ時には、With deepest Sympathy

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