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ST news 1 

  Once upon a time, there was a man who linked cherries. In fact, he didn't just like

cherries, he adored them, he lived for them, and when his brother sent him an

enormous box filled with hundreds of cherries, the man was happy beyond words.

  He couldn't eat them quickly enough. He grabbed great handfuls of cherries, stuffing

them into his mouth, gobbling them down, savoring the cherries, delicious

sweetness, and spitting the seeds out like a machine gun. He was in heaven.

  He ate and ate and in a few seconds, he had eaten all the cherries. Seeds lay

scattered sround him where he had spat them out, sometimes so strongly that they

had left holes in the screens or smashed some vases.

 But there was one seed that he hadn't spat out. There was one seed that he had

accidentally swallowed, and this seed sat inside the man's stomach, and we all know

that happens when you swallow a seed. Yes, they grow inside you.

  At first, the man didn't notice anything. the seed grew and grew inside him until one

day, to the man's surprise, it sprouted out of the top of his head. By the spring of the

following year, it had turned into a magnificent cherry tree.

 The man wasn't too happy about this. It was rather in covenient. His neighbors and

the friends were, on the other hand, very excited when they saw the beautiful

blossoms on the branches of the tree."We mus have a picnic there," they all said.

  So the man's neighbors and friends brought food and drink, and after asking

permission of the man, who unwillingly agreed, they spread rugs around his feet.

  "Thank you for having us," they all said. "Really, you've blossomed quite wonderfully,

and what pruning! Do you do it yourself? I have an excellent man to do my bushes. I'll

recommend him. Oh, don't move too much or you'll shake off all your blossoms."

  Everyone ate and drink, and sang and danced, and had a wonderful time while the

poor man with the tree growing out of his head just stood glumly in the middle of it all.

No one let him join in because, as they said, " That's not what trees do."


・ adore 大好き  ・stuff A into B A をBに詰め込む ・gobble A down がつがつ食べる 

・savore 味わう  ・spit A out  Aを吐き出す ・scatter  散らばる ・screens ふすま

・swallow 飲み込む ・sporoute out 芽を出す ・spred rugs ござをひく 

・blossom 花を咲かす ・pruning 刈り込み、枝打ち、綺麗に切りそろえられてる様 

・glumly むすっとする

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